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We design and manage mobility services
A4 Smart Mobility Model

Drawing on the experience developed alongside industry operators par excellence and thanks to A4 Holding Group's assets and expertise, A4 Mobility is considered one of Italy's leading players for the design and management of mobility services.

Thanks to its innovative technology and ability to integrate and outsource, A4 Mobility guarantees comprehensive solutions and support to provide Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), applied to mobility.

We look to the future, reinterpreting traditional mobility models and applying best practices developed over twenty years of experience to new market contexts.

The A4 Smart Mobility model is based on the following assets:

  • The Integrated Mobility Management Platform (IMMP) which brings together all the information coming from fixed infrastructure that communicates and interacts with the mobile devices used to collect, record and/or provide information and services associated with each user; this combined set of information is then managed on a multidimensional level using business intelligence systems and the relevant data is sorted and forwarded to providers, operators and users;
  • The telecommunication network infrastructure to transfer information from fixed infrastructure along the roads to the Center Platform; 
  • Communication channels (Mobile Apps, Social Media, Call Centres, Web Portals, PMV), aimed at promoting, spreading and allowing access to mobility services.
Skills and solutions

The A4 Mobility model has been appreciated by motorway concessionaires for a long time now. Its aim is to meet all mobility management requirements, in line with the most advanced Smart City projects and the most innovative MaaS (Mobility as a Service) procedures.
A4 Mobility's expertise in integrating systems and fully outsourcing advanced solutions is essential in order to guarantee comprehensive support when supplying mobility and security systems. For their very nature, these types of systems require ongoing interaction between engineering activities, design and development of specific software and both preventive and corrective maintenance.

For A4 Mobility, co-operative solutions for transport and service issues, dynamic information guaranteed by telematics and interaction and communication between different systems are the most suitable ways to deal with the specific and complex requirements of the mobility industry.