Security and access control systems

Access control and security systems

A4 Mobility integrates consolidated skills and experience in designing, creating and managing security and access control systems.

A4 Mobility has developed extensive experience in monitoring traffic and implementing integrated traffic management systems for Operations Centres. Combined with its technical and design capabilities in the field of transmission technology, this allows the company to offer customers the industry’s most innovative and reliable solutions, adapting systems to the specific needs of each individual project.

Access control and security solutions

Video surveillance and rescue systems (SOS)

A4 Mobility's SOS system solution, which can easily be integrated with a video surveillance system, is made up of a highly resistant architecture of devices that are appropriately distributed all over the local area and along the road network of interest, making it possible to immediately pinpoint where the SOS call is being made and directly contact the law enforcement authorities or emergency services (medical emergency, signalling breakdowns, etc.).


Companion is an integrated system that manages traffic at the same time as notifying road users of hazards, advising drivers of the appropriate speed if they are approaching a tailback on the carriageway, if there is fog, low visibility or ice on the road, or if there are roadworks in place along the route.

Automatic Incident Detection

AID (Automatic Incident Detection) is designed to be efficiently adapted to integrated “hazardous events” management procedures. This system uses resettable algorithms to collect and interpret images, activating the necessary alarms and associated procedures.