A4 Mobility

10 years of experience and innovation in the field of ITS
Customer-oriented, integrated solutions

A4 Mobility is a global player with ten years’ experience in designing, developing and managing services and solutions in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

A4 Mobility has specific skills in the field of technological, application and maintenance products and services, dedicated to the mobility and transport industries.

It is therefore a leading player in the ITS industry, covering many of the different market segments. It mainly has a “system integrator” approach, from toll systems to traffic management, from security to access control.

Governance system

Right from the very beginning, A4 Mobility has always implemented a governance system designed to guarantee the respect of the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency as part of its business activities and a shared ethical conduct, based on compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The purpose of this is to develop a sustainable company and sustainable business.
A4 Mobility believed it was necessary to adopt its own Organisation, Management and Control Model and its own Code of Ethics and appointed its own Supervisory Board whose role is to check that the Model is being correctly implemented and complied with.

Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 dated 8th June 2001 introduced the liability of collective bodies, with or without legal status, for crimes committed to their advantage or in their interest by individuals “functionally” linked to the bodies themselves (e.g. directors, executives, senior managers and individuals under their management or supervision, such as other employees and certain collaborators).

A collective body may under certain conditions be exempt from administrative liability, if the collective body in question has: 

Adopted and effectively implemented its own Organisation, Management and Control Model;
Established its own Supervisory Board with independent powers of initiative and control, whose role is to check that the aforementioned Model is being correctly implemented and complied with and to make sure that it is updated as necessary.

A4 Mobility believed it was necessary to adopt this Model in order to guarantee shared ethical conduct and to ensure respect of the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency as part of its business activities.

After completing a risk assessment in order to identify the company departments in which there was the potential risk of crimes being committed, the company produced its Organisation, Management and Control Model, of which the Code of Ethics forms an integral part.

It then appointed its own Supervisory Board whose role is to check that the Model is being correctly implemented and complied with.



The Code of Ethics identifies the core set of values that underpin corporate culture and translate into the principles and management policies used to implement best practices, guiding our daily conduct in all aspects of the business.

A4 Group's Code of Ethics is the same one that applies to A4 Mobility. Its aim is to guide the Group’s management activities on the basis of ethical values and operating principles, in order to promote clear behavioural guidelines. The purpose of this is to meet the needs of all stakeholders and to consolidate the company’s positive reputation.



A4 Mobility has implemented over the years and systematically adopts an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System with the main objectives of:

  • satisfy the expectations of the stakeholders;
  • create greater competitiveness by constantly focusing on continuous improvement both in the provision of the services offered and in the company's reputation;
  • manage information and processes more rationally using a risk based thinking approach;
  • demonstrate compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all areas.

The integration developed by the company is also aimed at harmonizing the management and avoid duplications or overlaps by focusing on:

  • conflict prevention;
  • creation of synergies;
  • capitalization of the existing.

Through the pursuit of these logics and following their strategic directions, the Management of A4 Mobility has developed a company policy in compliance with the international standards of reference UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 27001 for which the Company is certified.

A4 Mobility S.r.l. has introduced a certified quality management system pursuant to the standard ISO 9001:2008. The quality management policy implemented by A4 Mobility is based on the concept of continually improving the efficiency and quality of the services provided, in order to fully satisfy Customers.
In order to guarantee the security and correct management of data being processed, A4 Mobility has obtained the certification ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System that includes aspects related to logical, physical and organisational security.
A4 Mobility S.r.l. is aware of the possible environmental issues involved with its business activities. In order to respect and protect the environment, it has therefore introduced an environmental management system, obtaining ISO 14001 certification.
A4 Mobility S.r.l. aims at constantly improving the health and safety of its workforce, which is why it obtained the certification BS OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System which includes specific protection and safeguarding measures.
The SOA certificate qualifies A4 Mobility S.r.l. to enter into a tendering process for specific categories of works and for specific bid amount categories, as stated by the attached certificate

A4 Mobility contributes to A4 Holding Group's goals in terms of sustainability, sharing the belief this is a strategic top priority for business development, able to generate long-term value and create trust-based relationships with stakeholders. In this context, the consolidated Sustainability Report represents a tool to present and manage the impact of our activities on the communities and areas in which we operate, and to formalise our commitment.


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The A4 Holding Group

As part of its industrial vision, A4 Group has integrated skills and expertise in designing, building and managing infrastructure to improve interpersonal relationships and encourage the sharing of ideas, thereby promoting integrated and sustainable mobility.

Alongside its physical motorways, it has also developed virtual data highways and fibre-optic networks, representing a powerful driver of mobility and accessibility for people and information.
Staff development goes hand in hand with constant technical and technological advances, continuously building people’s professional skills and abilities, who are already some of the most well-trained, experienced and committed in the industry. This guarantees safe and intelligent mobility for people and vehicles, fully respecting the environment and surrounding area.

With its historical roots in the north east of Italy, the A4 Group aims at providing integrated and sustainable mobility solutions, which are of fundamental importance for ideas, people and information to be able to travel towards the future.

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