A4 Mobility

10 years of experience and innovation in the field of ITS
Customer-oriented, integrated solutions

A4 Mobility is a global player with ten years’ experience in designing, developing and managing services and solutions in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

A4 Mobility has specific skills in the field of technological, application and maintenance products and services, dedicated to the mobility and transport industries.

It is therefore a leading player in the ITS industry, covering many of the different market segments. It mainly has a “system integrator” approach, from toll systems to traffic management, from security to access control.


A4 Holding Group has implemented a governance system and set of rules that allow it to operate in accordance with the core values of sustainability: ethics, transparency, safety, social development, environmental protection, open dialogue with stakeholders, commitment to the local area and local economies.

To consolidate this commitment to transparency, integrity and honesty, we introduced the Whistleblowing Channel. This secure and bidirectional channel allows anyone with interrelations with Group companies to report, in a confidential manner, any conduct that does not comply with the provisions of the Group Code of Ethics and the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 adopted by each company and by company procedures and regulations in general.


The Code of Ethics identifies the core set of values that underpin corporate culture and translate into the principles and management policies used to implement best practices, guiding our daily conduct in all aspects of the business.

The aim of our Code of Ethics is to guide the Group’s management activities on the basis of ethical values and operating principles, in order to promote clear behavioural guidelines. The purpose of this is to meet the needs of all stakeholders and to consolidate the company’s positive reputation.

Italian Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, no. 231 introduced the liability of collective bodies with or without legal personality, for crimes committed to their advantage or in their interest by persons "functionally" related to the institutions themselves (by way of example, directors, directors, executives and subjects subject to management or supervision of these, such as other employees and some collaborators). The administrative responsibility of the institution can be excluded, if certain conditions are met, if the institution has:

  • Adopted and effectively implemented its own Organization, Management and Control Model;
  • Established its own Supervisory Body, with autonomous powers of initiative and control, with the task of supervising the functioning and compliance and of updating the aforementioned Model.

A4 Mobility adopted the organisation, management and control model in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, with the aim of creating a structured and methodical system of procedures and preventive control activities in order to prevent the crimes listed by the aforementioned decree. This is achieved by identifying any activities exposed to the risk of crime and subsequently introducing appropriate procedures to regulate them, and appointing their own Supervisory Body.

In accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, the organisation, management and control model has also been adopted by controlled companies of strategic importance.

The Whistleblowing channel is created with the aim of promoting compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Group and the regulations applicable to it. Any non-compliance can be reported via the Whistleblowing channel of our Group. This is a secure and bidirectional channel that promotes collaboration between the Ethics Committee and anyone - employees and collaborators, suppliers and any other person who has had or intends to have business relations with the Company - who wants to make reports or requests in order to protect the company's ethical culture.

Unlawful conducts, irregularities, violations of regulations, violations of the Model 231, violations of the Code of Ethics, or violations of company procedures and regulations may be reported via the platform.

Only members of the A4 Holding Ethics Committee have exclusive access to the Ethics Channel. This guarantees integrity in the management of the report or request, ensuring that it can be traced securely from the time it is sent to the conclusion. The anonymity of any person who sends a report or digital request is protected. The Ethics Committee will manage the reports or requests. Its members are subject to the principles of integrity, autonomy, confidentiality, objectivity, fairness, hearing and non-retaliation.

By clicking on "ENTER YOUR REPORT HERE" you can access to the Whistleblowing channel that allows anyone to make the report or request through an online guided tour.


Welcome message from the Local Compliance Officer of the A4 Holding Group.

"The Whistleblowing channel is a further example of the firmness of our ethical culture and of "compliance" that underlies the behavior
of all the members of the Group. This channel allows us to report any conduct contrary to our Code of Ethics, to the legislation applicable to us
or our internal regulations, as well as to ask questions about any doubt regarding "compliance" guaranteeing absolute security and confidentiality in the
processing of information. The collaboration of all of us is essential in the objective of pursuing constant development based on the key principles of honesty,
integrity and reliability, principles that represent the foundations of the Group's values ​​and form the basis of our Code of Ethics and of business conduct.

A4 Holding supports all the people who make good use of this channel.

Thank you for your contribution to the success of our reputation.”



Quality, environment, safety and anti-bribery

A4 Mobility has implemented over the years and systematically adopts an integrated management system with the main objectives of:

  • satisfy stakeholder expectations;
  • create greater competitiveness by constantly orienting towards continuous improvement both in the provision of the services offered and in the corporate reputation;
  • manage information and processes in a more rational way using an approach based on risk based thinking;
  • demonstrate compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all areas.

The integration developed by the Company, in line with what A4 Holding Group adopted, which A4 Mobility is a part of, is also aimed at harmonizing management and avoiding duplication or overlapping by focusing on:

  • conflict prevention;
  • creation of synergies;
  • capitalization of the existing.

Through the pursuit of these logics and following its strategic and Group guidelines, A4 Mobility has been certified over time in compliance with the international reference standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI ISO 45001, UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 27001 and UNI ISO 37001.

Policy for the integrated management system of A4 Mobility.
Quality management system for the design, development, supply, installation and maintenance of mobility systems, including the related infrastructure components for ticketing, automation, acquisition, transmission and processing of information, as well as the design, development and maintenance of software applications and integrated systems.
A4 Mobility, attentive to possible problems of an environmental nature deriving from carrying out its work activities and in order to respect and protect the environment, has introduced an environmental management system by acquiring the ISO 14001 certification.
The workplace health and safety management system allows A4 Mobility to systematize activities aimed at identifying hazards, controlling and reducing risks, preventing accidents, complying with regulations and improving performance in safety matters.
Management system for anti-bribery, with the aim of A4 Mobility, common to the A4 Holding Group, to manage its activities by adopting appropriate controls and procedures in order to monitor and prevent corruption.
In order to guarantee the security and correct management of data being processed, A4 Mobility has obtained the certification ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System that includes aspects related to logical, physical and organisational security.
The SOA certificate qualifies A4 Mobility to enter into a tendering process for specific categories of works and for specific bid amount categories, as stated by the attached certificate.

A4 Mobility contributes to A4 Holding Group's goals in terms of sustainability, sharing the belief this is a strategic top priority for business development, able to generate long-term value and create trust-based relationships with stakeholders. In this context, the consolidated Sustainability Report represents a tool to present and manage the impact of our activities on the communities and areas in which we operate, and to formalise our commitment.


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The A4 Holding Group

As part of its industrial vision, A4 Group has integrated skills and expertise in designing, building and managing infrastructure to improve interpersonal relationships and encourage the sharing of ideas, thereby promoting integrated and sustainable mobility.

Alongside its physical motorways, it has also developed virtual data highways and fibre-optic networks, representing a powerful driver of mobility and accessibility for people and information.
Staff development goes hand in hand with constant technical and technological advances, continuously building people’s professional skills and abilities, who are already some of the most well-trained, experienced and committed in the industry. This guarantees safe and intelligent mobility for people and vehicles, fully respecting the environment and surrounding area.

With its historical roots in the north east of Italy, the A4 Group aims at providing integrated and sustainable mobility solutions, which are of fundamental importance for ideas, people and information to be able to travel towards the future.

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