Payment management

Toll management systems

Toll systems are a sustainable source of finance for the public and private operators that manage roads, motorways, bridges and tunnels. This financial resources are essential to ensure that safety standards are met, infrastructure is correctly maintained and services for road users are continuously improved.

Solutions for toll roads


A4 Mobility provides consulting and assistance for every phase of the tolling process: from designing solutions right through to their implementation and maintenance.

A4 Mobility can guarantee solid experience in designing and installing a wide range of toll solutions, from more traditional systems to the more modern All Electronic Tolling solutions.

A4 Mobility has designed and implemented SET/EETS-compliant toll systems and infrastructure (European Electronic Toll Service) and has promoted free-flow initiatives.


A4 Mobility also offers toll operators a platform to exchange and reconcile transactions in order to recover any amounts generated by road users through providers of other services.

In particular, our back office solution to manage motorway transit guarantees interoperability and automated clearing between service providers and the concessionaires.

This platform manages the integration of other mobility services, for both the operator’s in-house management activities and the end user.